Experience a new way of exchanging contacts or business cards with viaOTP

Building connections and managing relationships with the various peoples who support you throughout your career can be the key to success for most people. By efficiently making a network of colleagues, partners and more, you are assuring that whenever you need a new client, a new job, or to improve your skills further, you can call upon your saved network to help you.

Exchanging contacts in conferences or corporate events are very essential for building networks. These networks will really help you in the future to get a new job, client and etc.

What is viaOTP?


viaOTP is a new and unique platform to exchange contacts or business cards with others. It is easy, quick and secure to exchange contacts with others. It is easy because it has a very simple and smooth interface. And, it is quick because you can save a contact in a few seconds without typing names and numbers and other info. It is secure because you only have to share 3 digits OTP to share your contact. The platform has plenty of features like the history of exchanged contacts, download exchanged contacts in .CSV file, sending messages directly through WhatsApp.

How to use viaOTP?


It is very easy to use viaOTP platform. The platform is designed in such a way that you can easily exchange your contacts in just a few seconds. Here are the steps to use viaOTP platform:-

  1. Visit through your smartphone browser
  2. You have 3 options there, Guest, login, and Register
  3. Just tap for Register and sign in with email or google
  4. After successful registration, tap on add your contacts
  5. Fill your all details and you are ready
  6. Tap on Initiate to share contacts and tap on accept to accept contact
  7. Share the OTP to others to share contacts and enter the OTP to accept the contact

viaOTP Features:-

viaOTP has plenty of amazing features which gonna really help you. These are features of viaOTP:-

1.Track the History

People usually forget to whom they shared their contact number. With the help of the viaOTP history feature, you can track the history of people to whom you exchanged your contact. It is really very useful feature by when you forget or delete the contact.

2.One tap Whatsapp

viaOTP also offers a one-tap WhatsApp feature by which you can send messages to others without saving the number in the contacts. You can send Whatsapp message to the exchanged contact in just 5 taps of your phone.

3.No Permissions required

Most of the apps ask for the phone’s Bluetooth/NFC/Location/microphone permissions to access the platform. When it comes to the viaOTP platform, it only requires an internet connection to exchange contacts.


4. Easy Download

If you are a working professional then you can download your all contacts in .csv file. It is really helpful when you want to execute any campaign. In just one tap, your all contacts will be downloaded in the .csv file.

5. Business Card


You can not only exchange name and contact number but also you can exchange profile images, email, company name, and company website. It offers a complete business card. It is really helpful for working professionals to share business cards in just a few taps.

How it is useful for you?

If you attend any corporate events or any events then you can easily exchange contacts with others in just a few seconds. You don’t need any permissions like Bluetooth, NFC, and wifi to access the platform. You only require an internet connection to share your contacts. Exchanging contacts is the best way to build networks or relationships. You only have to share 3 digit OTP to share contact and enter 3 digit OTP to accept the contact. viaOTP is really very easy to use, quick to access and secure to trust.

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