How to Memorize the Periodic table? (Best Tricks in 2020)

If you’ve studied chemistry at some point in your life, the chances are that you’ve been asked to memorize at least some of the periodic table by an old, grumpy teacher. While memorizing the elements can seem like a bit of a pointless exercise to weary students (why can’t you just take a copy of it with you into the exam instead?!) it’s alas necessary for school, university, and even if you decide to go into science as your career. I have listed the best methods that I’ve used myself to help me learn some, and eventually all, of the periodic table. The best part is that once you’ve memorized the elements using one of these strategies it only takes occasional maintenance to keep all of those names, numbers, and symbols in your mind.

1. Memorize Periodic Table with PeriodicWall App:

Experience a new way of learning chemistry with PeriodicWall. PeriodicWall app is a smart & pretty live wallpaper that teaches a Periodic table that changes on every screen unlock to a new random periodic table element. It shows you the best and pretty wallpaper content with Periodic Table element information.

Periodicwall app screenshot

The wallpaper consists of periodic element information in the pictorial format (name, short name, periodic number, and basic use case), which is great for remembering. This is a great way of learning, even though the user doesn’t notice the wallpaper but it stays in mind and improves quick recalling of periodic information.

Salient features of PeriodicWall App:-

  • Attractive format of Element Info.
  • New Wallpaper Every time
  • Catchy Font & Wallpaper
  • No Need of Any Permissions & Internet

2. Memorize Periodic Table with Periodic Table Songs

Listening to periodic table songs is probably the most fun way to memorize the periodic table, and also the easiest. Pop in your headphones on your way to school or work and blast some tunes and by the time you get to your destination, you’ll probably have a few more elements under your belt. My personal favorite periodic table song is performed by ASAP Science and is visible below. Their 2018 updated version is fantastic because it doesn’t leave out the most recently discovered and named elements (Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, and Oganesson) like some others do. However, if you can’t stand this one then there are plenty of others out there in internet-land.

3. Memorize Periodic Table with Memorization by Category

If you’re someone who likes to sort things into categories, then this method will work wonderfully for you. The idea is to memorize the periodic table in chunks. You might start from the alkali metals (the first column) and repeat them to yourself until you’re certain that you’ve got them, and then move onto the next column. Alternatively, you could go by periods (rows) instead, and go from the first, which is just hydrogen and helium, down to the Lanthanides and Actinides that hover below the rest of the table. Breaking the table up like this makes the elements less daunting to memorize and will help make associations between the elements to form a kind of memory-web in your mind (eg. if you learn just the first element of period two, then it will cue you to memorize the others).

4. Memorize Periodic Table with Quizzes

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it seems stupid to take a periodic table quiz until you’re confident that you’ve already learned all of the elements, but hear me out. Taking quizzes and testing your knowledge is the single easiest way to learn the periodic table. For one, you’ll find out that you know much more than you think. Even if you’ve never taken a chemistry class in your life you’re going to know certain elements.

I’ll bet anything that you’ve heard of oxygen, gold, silver, copper, tin, and lead, and if you do then that’s already six elements down! Really stretch your brain and you’ll find that you probably know twenty or even thirty elements without even trying. After that, all you have to do is keep taking quizzes and try to learn a few more elements each time. This strategy allows you to use your knowledge at the same time that you’re learning, which leads to better retention. By continually using this quiz, I managed to memorize the periodic table in just three days. Granted, I already knew about fifty elements all up and I took the quiz about thirty times until I memorized them all, but it’s still obvious that this is a powerful method.

5. Memorize Periodic Table with Mnemonic Devices

If you’re looking to learn all 118 elements I’d advise you to skip to the next method, because memorizing a 118-part mnemonic device is almost harder than just learning the elements themselves. However, if you only have to learn a portion of the periodic table or 20 to 30 elements then mnemonic devices are perfect. Listed below are a few mnemonic devices based on the elements’ chemical symbols that you could use. Alternatively, you could always come up with your own!

  • Happy Henry Lives Beside Boron Cottage, Near Our Friend Nelly Nancy MgAllen. Silly Patrick Stays Close. Arthur Kisses Carrie (first 20 elements)
  • How He Likes Bear BCups Not Overflowing. Friend Nelly Nancy Mgall. Although Science Presents Some Clues, ArKittens Cats? (first 20 elements)
  • How He Lives Beggars Belief, Constantly Nicking Old Foreign Necklaces. Nathan Magee Always Sits Patiently, Seeing Clearly Around, Knowing Careless Security Titillated Very Criminal Minds. Felons Conspire Nightly. Cute Zen (first 30 elements)


I really hope these tricks will help you to memorize the Periodic Table easily and quickly. In my personal opinion, I really like the PeriodicWall app, which is the best way to memorize the Periodic table easily and quickly. This app is based on Rote Learning which is the best way to learning new things easily and quickly. Lastly, As we know Practice makes a man perfect.

Please, Let me know your opinions and experiences below with this article. I would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for getting interesting articles. Have a good day!

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